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We are high-quality packaging products provider.
We have always been working hard to provide the best in reward to our customers’ trust.
Let’s the products do the talking


One-Stop Purchasing
        Providing customers with the one-stop purchasing service, we mainly concentrate on designing and producing packaging components such as corrugated boxes, folding cartons, and manual booklets etc.

Latest Equipment And Technology
        For the best quality of products, Countcheer Ltd. operates the latest printing equipment, prepress equipment and even paperboard production lines. Our machines can produce medium to large size corrugated boxes and folding cartons.

Good Service
        Our sales team will work with you during the course of the project to make sure that your job runs smoothly. We may even setup a project team to handle orders with special requirements and large quantity.

        With our reputation in the packaging industry, we have been able to build up long-term relationships with vendors for various raw materials. That is how we can make sure our materials are in excellent quality but with a reasonable price. With the aid of our automatic machines, we archive cost effectiveness for our customers.

High Quallties
        With rich experiences in printing and packaging industry, our products are known for its high quality which can meet the standards for world’s famous brands such as MICROSOFT、 SONY、 CASIO、 LOGITECH、 FLEXTRONICS、 SCHICK、 UMBRA、 MIDEA.

Large Production Capacities

        We always have a reasonably excessive production capacity reserved to absorb urgent and large orders in order to keep our competitiveness in the market.

Corporate Culture

        Culture is the heart of a company. Countcheer Ltd. is very enthusiastic in implementing the ERP system to improve the management system of our human resource. We have always been working hard on building our culture in order to become an enterprise with special characteristic.
Our corporate culture is full of charm and glamour, encouraging and inspiring our employees and will continue to grow.

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